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Green Cleaning

As our understanding of the environment has increased over the past few decades, it has become abundantly clear that humanity’s actions cannot help but make an impact on the natural world for good or for ill. This is true even of relatively common and simple actions such as cleaning a home or office. The chemicals used to clean and disinfect buildings, the kind of paper products placed in bathroom dispensers, and more all have an effect on the environment.

Of course, concerned office managers and building supervisors want to make sure that their facilities have a good impact on the environment. Thus, many New York companies are deciding to choose a NYC green commercial cleaning service to take care of all their cleaning needs. Building Cleaning Services is an experienced cleaning company in the field of green cleaning that always strives to clean in a manner that minimizes environmental harm and maximizes environmental sustainability. This guide is designed to help you understand green cleaning better and get an idea of the benefits that our green cleaning services can offer any company.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning involves the use of chemicals and other products to minimize harm to public health and the environment. Yet such environmentally friendly services include more than just the selection of cleaning products. Green cleaning also makes use of cleaning methods that are efficient and reduce energy use and waste. Building Cleaning Services always strives to clean with safe products and in an efficient manner in order to have the best impact on the environment.

Green commercial cleaning makes use of cleaning products that are created from naturally occurring substances in order to ensure that they break down harmlessly once they are thrown away. It also strives to use the least amount of paper products and other items to do the job. These efforts reduce what is actually taken from the natural world. In the long run, as many companies make use of a green cleaning service such as Building Cleaning Services, harm to the environment is minimized, the amount of landfill space a city such as New York needs is reduced, and health problems created by artificial chemicals decrease. Each company that does its part by using green cleaning services helps solve our environmental problems.

The chemicals used to clean and disinfect buildings, the kind of paper products placed in bathroom dispensers, and more all have an effect on the environment.

Benefits of Using a New York Green Commercial Cleaning Service

The chief benefit of using a green commercial cleaner, of course, is the positive impact on the environment. But that is not the only advantage of choosing a service that uses green cleaning products. Green cleaners provide many other benefits to the companies that hire them. Here are just a few of them:

Health Benefits — Scientists have known for quite some time that synthetic chemicals are harmful to human beings, especially when they are exposed to them in large quantities or for an extended period of time. Even when a cleaning service is as careful with synthetic chemicals as possible, residue from these chemicals is left behind, and this residue can lead to health problems for employees over time. This is not the case with natural, green cleaning products. Green cleaning New York by Building Cleaning Services uses natural cleaning products that are not harmful to most people.

• Morale and Public Relations Benefits — NYC green cleaning services from Building Cleaning Services also provide benefits that are more intangible. When employees know that their offices and other workstations are cleaned with green products, they often exhibit higher morale because they have a real sense that their employer cares about them and their health. Client relations may also improve when companies use green cleaning products. Green-sensitive clients often take such things into account when they are looking for a company with which to do business. Thus, the New York green cleaning services from Building Cleaning Services may help companies to attract and retain important clients.

• Cost Benefits — In the long run, there are also many cost savings associated with the use of a quality green cleaning service. If employee health problems are reduced, then productivity often improves. Also, green cleaning services, because they prize efficiency, make use of less water and electricity. Over time, this can save a lot of money on a company’s utility bills.

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Clearly, the green products and services of Building Cleaning Services offer many advantages to employers in New York City. Contact us today for more information on how our NYC green cleaning services can help your company.

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