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Commercial Building Cleaning Rates

A New York City business that welcomes customers and takes pride in its appearance uses the services of a professional office cleaning company to keep the premises clean. Even businesses that don’t welcome customers onto the premises, but have multiple employees working throughout the day still need the office cleaned at night. When it comes to choosing a cleaning service, budget concerns may be at the top of the list. A professional janitorial service or office cleaning company will provide a quote and offer a contract to set the office cleaning prices. There are a variety of factors used by janitorial services that will influence different cleaning service prices. Parameters include services charged by the square foot, offering cleaning services rates by the work performed, or providing office cleaning prices based on the frequency of the cleaning. Other price points include cleaning services prices based on cost per square foot per month.

Any NYC business that welcomes customers onto its premises, or has multiple employees working within the office during the day definitely needs the services of a professional janitorial service to clean the premises at night. It might be surprising to find that commercial cleaning rates vary by individual company in New York City. It is because of the size of New York and the number of office cleaning companies that work within NYC, that office cleaning prices vary so much. Hiring a professional company doesn’t have to cost as much as one would think because commercial cleaning rates can be established through a contract and keep cleaning services rates within a budget. Office cleaning prices should vary by the janitorial work performed. For instance, even though a commercial janitorial service will have a checklist of what cleaning is typically done, go over the checklist with potential New York commercial janitorial service companies, and get commercial cleaning prices based on the individual components of the work.

Some New York cleaning companies will charge more and do less. Always review cleaning services prices with the proposed company to know what you are getting. New York City professional office cleaning companies should also provide you with proof of liability insurance and indicate whether its employees are bonded. A professional or commercial janitorial service will have no problem stepping up to the plate and providing this documentation. If the company won’t provide this or even give a breakdown of their commercial cleaning rates by the work performed, then avoid using that company.

Hiring a professional company doesn’t have to cost as much as one would think because commercial cleaning rates can be established through a contract and keep cleaning services rates within a budget.

Ask specifically for a quote of cleaning services rates by the various parameters. For instance, if the janitorial service only vacuums and empties the trash each night, the services should not be as expensive as a commercial cleaning company that not only vacuums, empties the trash, but dusts, cleans the kitchen or break area, cleans entrance windows and sanitizes and resupplies bathrooms. It’s important to understand exactly what the cleaning company offers in its commercial cleaning services. Professional office cleaning companies are more than willing to work within a budget, but unless you ask very pointed questions, you may not get the detailed cleaning service prices that you need to see to make a decision. When choosing a professional janitorial service, also ask for referrals from some of its existing customers. A professional NYC cleaning service should have no problem providing at least three references for contact and recommendations.

Cleaning services rates and the quality of work must be considered when choosing a professional janitorial service. While staying within a budget is important, cheaper isn’t necessarily better either. Cleaning services prices, should relate the frequency of the work performed during the workweek. Verify what the cleaning services entail and ask for a breakdown of all office cleaning prices and how many employees it uses to clean the office. Cleaning service prices may increase if the company provides more than one employee to complete the work. When you have a small office, you may not need the services of two janitors.

To get the best deal on commercial cleaning rates, ask the commercial office cleaning company to agree to a contract. Most professional office cleaning companies have no problem providing detailed commercial cleaning prices and a yearly or longer contract, and anything else you may need. A commercial office cleaning company that does not want to accommodate your requests will probably not clean the office very well either. Pay attention to how well the company’s representative responds to your requests for detailed cleaning services rates. If the company comes in with set cleaning services rates and is not willing to budge or accommodate your budget, then choose a professional janitorial service that will. Please review the following links for additional information when choosing janitorial services:

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