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Not every NYC cleaning service is created alike; some only offer basic cleaning. Others, such as Building Cleaning Services, offer a full range of cleaning and maintenance services that not only keep your office and workplace looking great but also help to keep it safe and make sure it holds up well over time. Our comprehensive offerings and discount prices mean that it is always a wise decision to hire Building Cleaning Services. New York companies who hire us have the option to have us perform all of these professional cleaning services:

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance includes services that go beyond what is offered by average cleaning companies. NYC companies that request building maintenance assistance will get help with the following:

  • Regular Dusting and Polishing of Furniture, Blinds, Ceiling Fans, and Air Vents/Returns — Dusting and polishing are often neglected by cleaning companies in NYC, but our normal building maintenance package includes this work.
  • Carpet Cleaning — Carpets that are regularly cleaned last longer than carpets that are not shampooed. We will keep an eye on the condition of your carpets and shampoo them when needed.
  • Window Cleaning — Thorough window cleaning is not provided by many cleaning services. NY companies cannot afford to do without it; however, that is why window cleaning is included in business maintenance.

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Office Cleaning Services

Our basic office cleaning package is designed to meet the needs of most offices. These professional cleaning services include:

  • Daily or Weekly Cleaning
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Mopping
  • Dusting of Office Desktops
  • Emptying of Trash Bins
  • Cleaning Bathrooms

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Mold Removal

Mold can be a serious health threat to employees and clients alike. That is why it is essential to have a cleaning service that has expertise in mold cleanup and prevention. Our janitors work hard to clean existing mold, refer our clients for professional mold removal when necessary, and keep things clean and sanitized to prevent future mold growth.

... Building Cleaning Services, offer a full range of cleaning and maintenance services...

Floor Cleaning & Waxing

Our NYC cleaning service will also clean and wax your hard floors in order to maintain their luster and keep them in great shape. Regular mopping is fine, but the extra step of waxing and grout sealing is necessary to maintain your floors. We will perform this service for you upon request and help you make the best impression possible with your tile, vinyl, and wood floors.

Commercial Cleaning

Unlike many other cleaning companies in NYC, we offer a full range of services for all types of profit and non-profit commercial businesses. There are many institutions, in fact, that can benefit from our cleaning services. New York schools, office buildings, churches, workout and fitness centers, retail establishments, hospitals, and much more will find what they need at Building Cleaning Services.

Janitorial Services

Our experienced and efficient janitors will be sent to your office or company building to perform the aforementioned cleaning services. NY companies trust our janitors to empty trashcans, vacuum floors, dust desktops and other furniture, and keep your building and work stations looking their very best.

Industrial Cleaning

Many companies are looking for a solid NYC cleaning service that is experienced not only with office buildings and commercial establishments but that can also perform cleaning services for industrial buildings and businesses. As far as cleaning companies, NYC has many choices, but not every cleaning service does industrial cleaning. Business Cleaning Services is skilled in the area of industrial cleaning and building maintenance, and we will work with you to make sure that all your industrial cleaning needs are met.

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants have their own particular cleaning needs, and cleaning companies in NYC must have knowledge and experience in this area if they are to serve restaurant owners well. Fortunately, Business Cleaning Services possesses the knowledge and kill that is necessary to perform these restaurant cleaning services. New York restaurants can trust us to thoroughly clean their dining rooms from top to bottom, ensure that their bathrooms are sparkling and inviting, and more. A dirty restaurant will put off your restaurant’s customers. When it comes to our dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing, and other cleaning services, NY restaurateurs can be assured that we will leave you with a restaurant that attracts diners by its very cleanliness.

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School Cleaning Services

The professional cleaning services we make available to public and private schools include everything that we will do for offices and more. As we dust, mop, and sanitize classrooms and school bathrooms, we will make sure to use chemicals that are safe for students and unlikely to provoke allergic responses. Our NYC cleaning service is designed to make parents and educators happy and confident that their kids are learning in a safe, clean environment.

Green Cleaning

Today, many are looking for a company that can perform green cleaning services. NY businesses can also trust Building Cleaning Services to clean their buildings in the most environmentally friendly manner. Although many janitorial businesses claim to be green cleaning companies, NYC residents cannot always be sure that these companies use the greenest products and most energy efficient cleaning methods. Building Cleaning Services, however, always uses the best chemicals for the environment, and we use the least electricity and water possible as we are cleaning.
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