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Building Cleaning FAQ

Whether your New York City business employs several hundred people or only half a dozen, your business can benefit from NYC commercial building cleaning services. Hiring a NYC commercial building cleaning company allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your business while the cleaning company takes care of the dirty work. In addition, working with a New York City building cleaning service ensures that your office building will stay clean and sanitary at all times. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial cleaning services.

1. Do I have to purchase daily cleaning services?

No, you do not have to use NYC building cleaning services every day. If your office does not require daily cleaning services, you can purchase services twice a week, once a week, bi-monthly, or monthly. NYC commercial building cleaning companies will clean your building based on a schedule that best accommodates your needs.

2. What is included in office cleaning services?

If you purchase NYC building cleaning services to clean your office, the cleaning service will vacuum your carpets thoroughly, sweep and mop hard floors, and dust the fixtures in the room. Your NYC building cleaning service will also empty all of your trash receptacles and replace the bags, and they may sanitize your door handles as well. The cleaning service may also clean other areas, such as the restroom, common areas, and your break room, if you request such services.

3. Will an NYC building cleaning service clean my restrooms?

Yes, New York City building cleaning services will clean your office's restrooms. Restrooms require special attention from an NYC business cleaning service. In most cases, cleaning a business's restrooms involves cleaning toilet seats, bowls, and handles; sanitizing urinals and urinal handles; replacing toilet paper; refilling soap dispensers; emptying and changing trash bags; and installing new air freshener cartridges when necessary.

NYC commercial building cleaning companies will clean your building based on a schedule that best accommodates your needs.

4. What other areas will NYC business cleaning services clean?

The exact areas an NYC office building cleaning service will clean depends on your businesses preferences and requests. However, many commercial building owners ask to have their break rooms and common areas cleaned by the NYC office building cleaning service. When an NYC business cleaning service cleans your building's break room or other common area, it will typically clean floors and trash bins. It will also clean the appliances in the room, including microwaves, coffee makers, and refrigerators. The service may also clean chairs and tables, sanitize sinks and faucets, replace paper towels, and refill the soap dispenser when necessary.

5. What types of buildings will an NYC office building cleaning service clean?

A commercial building cleaning service will clean office buildings, hospitals, and schools. The service may also clean retail businesses, hotels, and restaurants. In commercial buildings where other types of rooms accompany offices, the cleaning service may use different cleaning techniques. For example, cleaning services must pay special attention to sanitation when cleaning non-office areas in restaurants and hospitals.

6. How much will commercial building cleaning services cost my business?

The cost of your businesses professional cleaning services will vary considerably based on several different factors. The size of your office building, the number of rooms for which you request cleaning services, and the nature of each of these rooms will all affect the cost of your professional building cleaning services. In addition, the cost of your office cleaning service may be affected by the level of cleaning detail you request. Finally, a huge factor in determining the cost of your building cleaning services is the frequency of cleaning you request. The more often you want the building cleaned, the higher the price will be. However, you will typically receive a per-visit discount when you request more frequent services.

7. Do I have to be present when an office building cleaning service cleans my office building?

No, you do not need to be present for a building cleaning service to do its job. Professional building cleaning services know that it is inconvenient to have janitors in your office while you are trying to work. For this reason, your commercial building cleaning company will schedule your services for a time when you and your employees are not in the office. Often, this will even be very early in the morning or late at night.

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