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Office Building Air Quality


New York office maintenance is one of the most important parts of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. But many people do not realize the importance of a maintenance routine because the problem it addresses is often silent. Indoor air quality is a major factor in the workplace, especially in tall buildings. In an urban environment, a tall building that relies on a complicated HVAC system can actually have more polluted air indoors than the air outside! In New York City, where the outdoor air is nothing to write home about, that’s really saying something!

Your New York office maintenance routines should always include a reputable NYC office building cleaning service. Here’s a quick introduction to the ways NYC office building cleaning services work hard to keep you healthy and productive in your workplace. Once you know the facts, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision about New York office maintenance!

The Importance of Air Quality

Air quality is something we often don’t think much about until it starts to interfere with our lives. No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard the horror stories. For example, asbestos -- still present in many older New York buildings -- can aggravate many health conditions and may be a factor in cancer. Secondhand smoke is gradually emerging as a major health concern for non-smokers. However, these are not the only issues that can emerge when it comes to air quality. New York office building cleaning services are specially equipped to deal with all kinds of other pathogens as well.

Even dust can aggravate health conditions that many workers may already have. Dust, pollen, and smoke can cause “allergy like” symptoms that persist throughout the entire year. Air quality degrades so slowly that it can be difficult to realize it’s the real source of your problem. But that problem is so pervasive it can cost your business money.

Air Quality in a Work Environment

New York office building cleaning services specialize in work environments because bad air quality can drag down the productivity of your entire workforce. Over time, as the air gets dirtier and harder to breathe, you might find that more and more people are taking sick days. Even those who remain in the office are kept from reaching their full potential because they do not get the high quality air that they need. This can have a depressing effect on your entire business and lead to an impaired bottom line. Plus, it’s a “phantom” problem -- you might waste money trying to combat symptoms, and not the source.

Although it’s frequently overlooked, air quality can “make or break” your workplace.

Thus, any credible, certified NYC office building cleaning service you contract with will help you get to the root of the problem first. Then, you can work together to develop a cleaning plan that will allow you to continue your day to day business without having to lose work days in the process.

How Building Cleaning and Maintenance Can Help

You might wonder exactly how an NYC office building cleaning service will help you. In many cases, it begins with comprehensive air quality testing. Only through testing can reputable businesses determine the source of your pollution. Quality testing will also help you to understand if your work environment suffers from ordinary pollution -- like smoke and dust -- or something that could be more dangerous, like asbestos. This will impact the kind of methods used. Often, a thorough scouring of your duct system and retooling of your HVAC will restore your air quality to a pristine, breathable condition very fast.

This is not the only way that you benefit, though. When your air ducts are extremely clear, you may find that you actually save money on your electric, heating, and cooling costs. That’s because it will take far less work for your existing system to circulate air through clean ducts. 


Although it’s frequently overlooked, air quality can “make or break” your workplace. If you suffer from poor air quality, your workforce will eventually start to show it. Luckily, you have many options when it comes to getting professional air quality maintenance done. Many services will offer professional cleaning on an emergency basis, so you don’t have to wait. If you have a bit more time, they can usually come up with a “section by section” plan that will ensure your usual workplace routine is never hindered. Either way, though, you should consider building maintenance if you are at all concerned about air quality. A quick test will put you on the right track -- don’t wait until symptoms start!

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