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School Cleaning: Keeping Your Classroom Clean & Safe

New York state law as well as district school boards regulate school cleaning procedures and steps that are taken in times of community outbreak and pandemic. Professional school cleaning services understand both state and federal rules and guidelines that pertain to cleaning practices, disinfecting or killing germs, and ensuring that parents, teachers, students, and other faculty members have a safe environment. As schools may become breeding grounds for potential outbreaks, school cleaning is an absolute necessity. From preschools and daycare centers throughout grade schools and colleges, the importance of school cleaning remains at the forefront. If schools are not properly cleaned, sickness and disease may rampantly spread reducing a community’s overall health.

Professional school cleaning services are best equipped to handle the specific needs required by individual school settings. As schools are environments that have large numbers of children and adults spending hours per day in the environment, the risk of contamination is great. From known diseases such as Measles and Rubella that may spread if children are not immunized to staph infections and the common cold, school environments are notorious for spreading germs, viruses, and bacteria. When a school is facing a health crisis the demand for professional school cleaning services is great. It is better, however, for a professional company that is familiar with New York law to handle cleaning year round, rather than to call a professional in an attempt to minimize damage from an outbreak. New York cleaning services are as experienced in preventing outbreaks and pandemics as they are in containing them. In order for schools to operate in the safest manner possible, there must be ample attention given to preventing environmental outbreaks and hazards rather than dealing with them after the fact.

Professional school cleaning services understand the nature of germs, bacteria, and viruses and use that knowledge to their advantage. For example, the flu virus may spread easily from one person to another, but only remains alive and active on an object or surface between two and eight hours. Therefore, most school boards will not recommend complete disinfecting of a school to prevent flu or its spread. Nor will schools assume that a flu outbreak is on par with a pandemic and demand that schools close to contain it. 

Professional school cleaning services understand both state and federal rules and guidelines that pertain to cleaning practices, disinfecting or killing germs, and ensuring that parents, teachers, students, and other faculty members have a safe environment.

Professional New York school cleaning companies may not change their cleaning methods due to the common flu virus, however, if there was a possibility that the flu virus might be the H1N1 virus, measures more drastic would be taken. Most viruses, germs, and bacteria are easily removed through simple cleaning methods and procedures and often do not require the use of harsh chemical ingredients or those that might pose a toxic threat to human health or the environment.

Other bacteria and viruses may not be removed as easily and will require the use of a disinfectant. This is evident in the case of MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that is highly contagious and can prove to be life threatening in those who have compromised immune systems, are elderly, or young children. As the common flu virus often dies on surfaces on its own, MRSA must be destroyed and contained in order to prevent widespread, community outbreaks. It is imperative that those cleaning New York schools demonstrate knowledge, experience, and expertise in not only cleaning schools, but in disinfecting and sanitizing them as well.

If disinfectant is required, a New York school cleaning service will understand what products to use in order to destroy and kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. The most readily available disinfectant on the market is chlorine bleach, but there are more chemicals available to professionals that they may use. Some professional strength disinfectants may range from having a minor or slight risk to health to containing ingredients that have been labeled toxic and poisonous. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines safety and toxicity on many commercial products and cleansers. Many New York school cleaning services will not recommend the use of highly toxic or commercially based cleaning products in the school environment. A professional New York based school cleaning company will operate according to New York state law as well as with the school board, by choosing all-purpose cleaning products, disinfectants, and sanitizers that are EPA approved in order to reduce the widespread risk posed by bacteria, viruses, in the school environment.

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