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Building Maintenance Tips

As a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sure that your building is kept clean, safe, and up-to-date. Whether you own a single building in which your business is located, own an investment property that houses businesses, or own multiple buildings that you manage, it’s important that you keep your property in the best shape possible. Since its nearly impossible to do all the maintenance in a building yourself, it’s best to find a trusted and professional New York building cleaning service to assist you in regular cleaning. NYC building maintenance workers are highly skilled individuals who have the experience needed to perform a wide range of tasks – from power washing to deep carpet cleaning.

Commercial Building Cleaning Tips

Maintaining your building involves keeping it clean, safe, and hygienic for staff, customers, and the general public. Fortunately, New York building cleaning services offer business owners a wide range of services for all your cleaning needs. Maintenance services offered by NYC commercial building cleaning businesses include floor cleaning, dusting, spot-cleaning, appliance cleaning, and the cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and offices – among many other services. The following tips are geared towards building owners who are looking for efficient ways to maintain their building to the highest standard of quality.

Floor Care Tips:

  • Clean floors on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt, sand, and grime. Regular floor cleaning can prevent scratches and damage. It will also extend the longevity of your floor, thus saving you money in long-term.
  • Keep floor mats in front of all entrances to the building. This will help cut down on dirt, sand, and grime that can be tracked through the building. It’s also idea to keep the entrance ways clean to reduce the amount of soil from entering the building.
  • Clean up stains spilt on the floor immediately after they occur. This will help to prevent stains from becoming permanent.
  • Never use chemicals on the floor unless you know that they can be used for your floor type or are recommended by the flooring manufacturer.
  • Use furniture protectors beneath tables, couches, and other furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Take care when moving furniture and other heavy objects to prevent scratches and nicks.’s best to find a trusted and professional New York building cleaning service to assist you in regular cleaning.

Vinyl Cleaning Tips:

  • To maintain the look of vinyl floors, hire a New York City building cleaning service to sweep and mop floors every day with a mild cleaner that will not wear down the top coat or dull the shine.
  • Use exterior floor mats to prevent people from tracking dirt into the building, especially in high foot traffic areas. Interior mats can also be used to reduce the amount of moisture on the vinyl floors.
  • Place plastic floor mats beneath desk chairs to prevent extra wear and tear to these areas. Ensure that the NYC building maintenance workers clean these mats on a regular basis as they can collect dirt and soil.
  • Hot water should never be used to mop floors, as this can cause damage. Many people are unaware of these warnings, making it increasingly important to hire experienced New York City building cleaning services.

Odor Control:

  • Hire a NYC building cleaning service to effectively kill odors in restrooms and other areas within your building. Mold and mildew are leading causes of odors, which can be cleaned and disinfected by a skilled NYC building maintenance worker.
  • Provide more detail to certain items in the bathrooms, such as toilets, sinks, counters, stalls, showers, waste baskets, and floors other cleaning services. NY based cleaning businesses are able to thoroughly clean these areas and disinfect for hygienic purposes.
  • Have NYC building maintenance workers give extra attention to urinals and toilet areas. Urine is a major factor of unpleasant odors in bathrooms.

Miscellaneous Maintenance Tips:

  • New York City building cleaning services should dust surfaces within a building on a regular basis. Dust is an irritant which can cause allergies in some people.
  • Windows should be washed and dried with a commercial product to get streak-free results. It’s best to hire a NYC commercial building cleaning business for the job, as it will require cleaning the glass on both sides which can be difficult.
  • Cubicles and desks should be wiped down or dusted on occasion to prevent a build-up of dirt. Computer screens, printers, and other office equipment should also be cleaned with mild soap.
  • Most cleaning services, NY based businesses, will supply business owners with trash removal. Trash cans should be emptied daily into a large, wheeled trash barrel and dumped in the designated area for trash, according to the business arrangement.
  • Sanitize surfaces that people will be touching, such as the hand rail on the stairwells, countertops, tables, elevator buttons, and other areas that are touched frequently by staff, customers, and the general public. This can be a timely process; making it the idea task for cleaning services.

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