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Last Updated by Denise Perreault

Most people don’t think about the different businesses that require commercial cleaning services as most of the commercial cleaning companies work behind the scenes or when the business is closed. This applies to New York City especially, where many different commercial enterprises exist. Businesses that can benefit from a commercial cleaning service include exercise and fitness centers, auto dealerships, medical facilities, day care centers, restaurants, retail stores and even churches. The professional and insurance-bonded staff of a professional commercial cleaning company can provide customized commercial cleaning services to fit any kind of business or facility and budget.

Hiring an outsourced commercial cleaning business is often less inexpensive than retaining and hiring an in-house janitorial staff. Besides paying an in-house staff a regular salary, multiple benefits must be paid for regular full-time employees in the city and state of New York, equal to about 26 percent of salary in additional costs to salary expenses. Oftentimes, it is more inexpensive to hire professional cleaning services. Commercial or retail businesses usually don’t want to deal with these after-hours responsibilities or extra staff. Professional commercial cleaning estimates or quotes usually don’t cost anything to obtain. When looking for commercial office cleaning services or commercial cleaning companies, consider selecting a minimum of three companies from whom to obtain price estimates. With at least three commercial cleaning services to provide a quote, set the parameters for quotes so that you can compare the commercial cleaning companies price quotes fairly. For instance, consider asking for pricing in different ways from each of the commercial office cleaning services. Ask for quotes based on frequency of cleaning, the type of cleaning performed and for pricing based upon square footage. Ask each professional commercial cleaning company if they offer a contract and if they offer any discount for a signed multi-year contract.

Another thing to consider, especially if you operate a day-care, a fitness center, school, church or medical facility is whether the commercial cleaning service provides green commercial cleaning. Green commercial cleaning only uses chemicals for cleaning your facility that are environmentally safe and nontoxic – with a Green Seal certification. Not all commercial office cleaning services provide this option or know anything about green commercial cleaning. Green cleaning also helps restaurants and businesses that typically don’t want hazardous or toxic chemicals used by a cleaning service. Commercial enterprises that may also benefit from green cleaning include shopping centers and retail stores. Any kind of business that attracts many customers might prefer a commercial cleaning company that offers this kind of cleaning.

A professional commercial cleaning service ensures that when your business doors open each day to serve your customers, you welcome them into a clean and sanitary setting.

Check the track record of the commercial cleaning company before you negotiate a contract with them. While the company may look good on the surface of things, you don’t know much about them unless you talk to some of their clients. Ask for at least three references and contact each reference for a recommendation. This way, once you hire the commercial cleaning company of your choice, you don’t have to worry about the company or its services. Choose the company that provides you with want you need in a cleaning service. Commercial cleaning firms often vary in services offered, pricing and quality of service. Another option includes testing the services of the company before entering into a contract. This allows you to test the services of several companies before locking in a contract to find the company that works best for your business.

Other questions to ask the company include requesting information about their other cleaning services. Commercial cleaning companies sometimes provide additional services as needed or scheduled. For instance, if carpets need cleaning, windows need washing or outside an building requires a power washing cleaning, you might want to hire a commercial cleaning business that can provide these services when needed. Ask if these can be included in the contract on a specific basis, such as quarterly or biannually, or if these items are outside the scope of the contract.

Ask the commercial cleaning business you are interested in to provide a certificate of insurance. This ensures that your business is protected from any accidents that may occur during the cleaning process. A reputable commercial cleaning business will have no issues with providing a certificate of insurance that delineates coverage for workers’ compensation insurance, general liability, excess insurance and other types of insurance they may hold.

Every New York business needs cleaning services. Commercial businesses that support a customer base and have people coming and going throughout the course of a business day need to keep the place of business clean, sanitized and germ free. A professional commercial cleaning service ensures that when your business doors open each day to serve your customers, you welcome them into a clean and sanitary setting. There are many cleaning services from which to choose in New York City. If you follow the suggestions above, you won’t be disappointed in your chosen cleaning service. Commercial enterprises that serve a public customer base need to ensure that the environment for their customers is the best that it can be. To find out more about the “Green Seal” certification process, green cleaning and certificates of insurance, please feel free to click on any of the links below:

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