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Last Updated by Denise Perreault

When choosing a building maintenance company, it is imperative that the company you select understands New York building and health codes. Professional commercial cleaning services must take the time to educate themselves and staff to ensure they adhere to New York City codes as well as rules, regulations and guidelines established by the U.S. government. Commercial cleaning businesses encompass a variety of service areas including professional floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, washing windows, ensuring that the business environment is free of viruses and bacteria, routine office cleaning, and making sure that fixtures remain clean and polished. Business cleaning is one of the most important functions of every commercial company as it determines whether your business meets city health codes. When comparing cleaning companies in NYC, always choose the company that best understands health and safety issues and how they apply to New York law.

New York strongly advocates using environmentally friendly and green cleaning products. The New York Office of General Services has created a specific division in order to help everyday citizens and building maintenance companies utilize green technology and products in their cleaning applications. There is a strong demand for green commercial cleaning services and those companies that want to ensure they provide their clients with the best service will utilize the latest developments in green technology. New York’s Green Cleaning Program specifies approved cleaning goods including items such as professional floor cleaning products and all-purpose cleaners. There are green floor finishing products and floor strippers that are industrial strength while remaining environmentally friendly, as well as green glass cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and more. Those who wish to follow New York recommendations for a greener environment should make certain that the business cleaning companies they choose have a firm commitment to the environment as well as human health.

Cleaning companies in NYC must adhere to regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as New York codes. It is important that all building maintenance companies familiarize themselves with ingredients frequently used in cleaning products. There are ratings, warnings, and information provided on labels that commercial cleaning services might use to determine the safety of a product. Some cleaners are generally safe, while others, such as professional floor cleaning strippers may have harsh chemicals that produce toxic or dangerous fumes. A professional business cleaning company must have a thorough understanding of what ingredients cleaning solutions contain, possible side effects or risks that may be associated with the products, and how to dispose of any remaining solution correctly.

When choosing a building maintenance company, it is imperative that the company you select understands New York building and health codes.

Those looking for the best cleaning companies in NYC should first determine their business needs and put them in a list. This will make it simpler to ensure that you and the building maintenance company are working in agreement. A highly professional cleaning company will provide regular checks of their employees’ work and make certain that the cleaning tasks performed meet expectations. Find out what office duties the company provides such as dusting, disinfecting and sanitizing, vacuuming, ensuring that floors and carpets are not just cleaned, but also sanitized, and making certain that all trash is removed. One important area where businesses should make certain that cleaning companies are experienced is in sanitation. Determine the company’s policy regarding disinfecting and sanitation, as not all cleaning companies understand the difference between them. Inquire about how often the company sanitizes and disinfects areas such as restrooms, floors, carpets, doorknobs, and more. Another area of concern is kitchens or break rooms. These areas are prone to viruses, bacteria, and germs and often require more than simple cleaning. Businesses should know a cleaning company’s procedure regarding disinfecting and methods used for rooms where food is prepared, handled, eaten, or stored. Ask if the company cleans food items such as microwaves and refrigerators. Understanding the services a cleaning company provides will prevent any problems from arising after you sign a contract. 

Building maintenance services are the backbone of every successful commercial business. By taking the time to research and choose the best cleaning company for your needs, you can ensure you are pleased with your selection. From general office cleaning, to the comprehensive requirements of cleaning restrooms, break rooms, and kitchens, professional cleaning companies handle a variety or responsibilities. Make certain that the company you select abides by New York law and federal guidelines, and chooses cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and safe for use.

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