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Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning is cleaning performed with products that contain no ingredients that harm the environment or human health. The ingredients as well as packaging of a green products should be earth friendly with biodegradable packaging. Reusable packaging reduces waste and energy of transportation. Every day, research shows evidence to support the benefits of using green cleaning products and how it creates a better health now and in the future. This is important because people spend 90% of their time indoor each day.

Benefits of Using Green Products

Green cleaning products have many benefits. Using green products can decrease the chance of being effected by toxic cleaning products loaded with dangerous chemicals. Green cleaning reduces air and water pollution. Cleaning products that are not healthy for the environment can cause skin and respiratory problems. Green cleaning products decrease the chances of developing problems caused by allergens, bacteria, mold, and contaminants.

When you cleaning with green products, you save financially. Statistics show that the market value of green buildings went up $4 for every $1 invested. Using green products in the workplace cuts down the amount of Worker's Compensation Claims. It creates a healthier environment and lowers the amount of sick days for employees. Going green cuts cost down on the amount of cleaner needed. Less cleaning items are needed to green clean.

Using Green Products in Workplace

Many building cleaning companies have started using green cleaning products because of the overall benefits. Studies show nearly 3.5 million janitorial personnel are exposed to harmful chemicals while performing their job each year. Cleaning products are inhaled and rinsed down the drain every day. Janitorial staff and employees are breathing in harmful fumes from the cleaning chemicals which are then released into the environment to cause more harm. They use about 23 gallons of chemicals each year in their job.

Every day, research shows evidence to support the benefits of using green cleaning products and how it creates a better health now and in the future.

Using green cleaning products in the workplace can minimize the chances of janitorial staff and others in the building being effected by the pollutants. In America alone, businesses use more than six billion pounds of cleaning chemicals a year. The total amount of cleaning products and supplies used each year equals enough to fill 10,000 garbage trucks. The equipment is taken to landfills every year along with more than 4.5 billion paper products used for cleaning. Testing has shown, because of improved insulation, indoor air can be more toxic than outdoor air caused from cleaning products.

Green cleaning improves the safety of employees and janitorial staff because less harmful handling and diluting is need for green products. Cleaning efficiency is a huge benefit of green cleaning. Using mats at doorways cuts down on the amount of dirt and dust that enter the building. Legal fees are lowered because less health problems and accidents occur when green products are incorporated into cleaning.

Green Cleaning Supplies

There are many items kept in your cupboard to use for green cleaning at home or in the workplace. White vinegar is used to get rid of fungus. Baking soda gets rid of foul odors and can be used to scrub toilets and sinks. Hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice work as an excellent stain remover. Club soda and lemon juice work together as a natural window cleaner. Soften your laundry by adding a quarter cup of baking soda to your laundry. Borax is handy to keep around to fight smells, disinfect, and clean. Corn starch can be used to shampoo carpets or polish wood. Replace cleaning products at home with caution. Pouring them into the drain could mean they will end up in your drinking water and throwing them in the trash could add to a landfill. Call your city department to find out if they have a toxic recycling day.

Why make the switch?

Many chemicals in cleaning products have harmful side effects to the body and environment.

A common ingredient found in cleaning products is alkylphenol ethoxylates. Studies show when this ingredient is released into the environment it causes reproductive and immunity effects in the body. Children may be especially vulnerable to cleaners because they have a smaller lung capacity and their immune systems are not fully developed. Many people do not know the dangers of mixing different cleaning supplies. Some mixtures are fatal, especially mixing all-purpose cleaners.

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