Home Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners

Author:Denise Perreault

Pets offer many benefits, including companionship and protection. It can be great to welcome pets into your home, but you may struggle with keeping the house clean when you have a pet. There are a variety of ways that a pet may make your home dirty, from pet hair to the occasional accident, and you may struggle to keep your home clean. However, you can take steps to help keep your home clean and stay on top of any additional mess you may have. It does take a strict cleaning routine, but you can have a clean home with a pet.

Shedding and Fur

One of the biggest complaints of many pet owners is that dogs and cats shed frequently. One of the best ways to combat this is to regularly brush your dog. If you brush your dog outside several times a week, you will help to reduce the amount of hair that the dog sheds inside. Keeping the dog's hair short and well-groomed can also help you reduce the amount that you have to clean up. A good vacuum with a self-powered hose can make cleaning up pet hair easier. It is important to clean the pet hair up on a regular basis.

Stain Removal

Pet stains can be caused by urine or vomit. The best way to clean the stains is to address them as soon as you find them. Begin by blotting up the area with a dry towel. Then, you can spot-clean it with a carpet cleaner. If the area still smells, you may need to consider changing the padding under the carpet. The sooner you begin working on the stain, the easier it will be to clean up.

Protecting Surfaces

One of the ways you can keep your home clean is to protect the surfaces throughout your home. You can use a throw, blanket, or towel and spread it over the couch or pillow where your dog likes to sleep. Choosing hardy fabrics that will hide the occasional scratch mark can also help to protect the surfaces in your home. Installing hardwoods instead of carpets in some areas of your home may also make cleanup easier.

Keeping Paws Clean

When you first get a pet, train it to clean its paws when it comes into the home. You can have your pet stand on a welcome mat and wait for you to wipe off its paws before you allow it to run around the house. Although this may seem like additional work, especially when you are training your pet, it can save you a lot on cleaning costs and help you to keep the home clean. Store a towel next to the door you use most often with your pets.

Staying Ahead of the Mess

Establishing a regular cleaning routine along with your pet care routine can help you keep your home clean. Simple things like regularly grooming your animals and wiping their feet can help you stay ahead of the mess. Cleaning up any accidents as soon as they happen also helps to prevent odors and other issues. Vacuuming each day and sweeping up can also help you to stay ahead of any real mess building up in your home.