Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY With Your Kids

Author: Denise Perreault

Every year, I struggle to get my boys to decide early what they want to be for Halloween. A firefighter? A ninja? R2-D2? They’d decide on their costumes at the beginning of October, I’d go out and buy everything they needed … and then about a week before the big day, they’d suddenly change their minds and decide that they wanted to be something totally different. This left me with two options: Waste money by not using the costumes I’d already bought (for which I usually couldn’t find the receipt by then), or make them wear them trick-or-treating anyway and deal with their grumpy scowls all night long. After a couple of years of this, though, I came up with a better idea: Why spend money and plan ahead to get costumes they’ll end up not wanting to wear when I could just wait until they were really sure of what they wanted to be and put something together (often for less money) myself? Better yet, some of the best DIY Halloween costume ideas are simple enough that the kids can help, too! Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with for this year’s costumes: Hopefully, they’ll sound like good ideas to the boys in another week or so!

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