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Denise Perreault is a writer and mother, originally hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Growing up as one of seven siblings, Denise was no stranger to hard work. Each family member was expected to contribute to household duties, and Denise quickly learned she excelled in many areas. Her first job was with a local cleaning company, which serviced homes and small businesses around Saint Paul, eventually becoming the company's youngest manager. It was there that she learned many of the tips and business practices that serve her well today.

Following high school, Denise relocated to the NYC area, earning a Bachelor's degree in communications. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for writing, merging that with her previous business experience as a professional cleaner.

Denise has joined the CBS team as an educational outreach writer, sharing her tips, experience, and love of service. She lives in the NYC area with her husband, 2 boys, and their dog Jake.

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A Guide to Food Safety and Kitchen Clean Up

An essential part of preparing a meal is making sure to use the proper food safety techniques. Without proper safety protocols your food can become contaminated and pass along foodborne illnesses to whomever eats or comes in contact with it. … Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning Can Make All the Difference: A Guide to Less Bacteria

Bacteria are tiny microorganisms that exist virtually everywhere on Earth. The only places devoid of bacteria are the ones that have been manually sterilized by humans. While you cannot see bacteria with the naked eye, they are visible under a … Continue reading

Keep Your Kids’ Sports Uniforms Looking Clean


It’s springtime, which means that it’s time to play ball! Around here, we’re plenty excited to root for the Mets and the Yankees, but we’re also cheering on my older son, who’s playing in a Little League team for the … Continue reading

How A Clean Carpet Can Fight Allergy Symptoms


Ah, it’s spring at last! But for some people, they’re not saying “ah”: They’re saying “achoo!” as allergy season kicks into high gear. At this time of year, there’s plenty of pollen in the air, but that’s not the only cause of people’s sneezes. In fact, one of the biggest sources of allergen exposure is probably right under your feet: your carpet. Rugs act like sponges, providing a comfy home for dust and dust mites, dander, pollen, and even mold. You don’t necessarily have to rip up all of your wall-to-wall carpeting to find relief, though. Instead, follow my advice to keep the rug from ruining your health.

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7 Ways To Go Green At Home for Earth Day

earth day

Earth Day is here, and this annual observance reminds us to do our best to take care of our home – our planet. We only get one, after all! (Well, unless we someday colonize Mars, of course.) Conservation shouldn’t just be a once-a-year thing, though. While it’s great to celebrate Earth Day by doing something like attending a roadside cleanup event or planting a tree, there are plenty of things that you can and should be doing all year long, right in your own home, to save our precious natural resources and prevent pollution.

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