5 Exercises You Can Do At Work

When’s the last time you hit the gym? I’d be willing to bet that that question made you feel a pang of guilt. But you’ve surely got plenty of company: It’s hard getting in enough exercise during the winter, not to mention the rest of the year, between a hectic family life and your workplace responsibilities; it seems to get twice as hard. You look out the window and see the snow, or you hear the wind picking up, and you just think, “nope, I’m not going out in that.”

I get it, and goodness knows, I’ve done the exact same thing. It’s not easy getting enough exercise, especially during the winter and especially when you have two boys to take care of. I certainly don’t have time for the gym on any type of regular basis. But what I do have time for is going to work every day, and as long as I’m sitting there at the office, I might as well try to multitask and sneak in some exercise, too. After all, sitting at a desk for eight solid hours is bad for your health anyway, so it’s a good idea to try to get moving while you’re on the job. I’ve offered some solid ways to keep fit at the office before, but here are a few more ideas worth a try.

  • Go (or Stay in) for a Jog: Feeling sluggish and drowsy? Stand up at your desk and jog in place for one minute. Just one short minute. That will get your heart pumping, and it will clear out the cobwebs in your head, too. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about this, you could always find an empty conference room and jog there, rather than in the middle of the office.
  • Bust a Move: A lot of my friends say that listening to music makes them more productive at the office. But sometimes, when your favorite song comes on, it’s hard to contain yourself. So why should you? Go ahead and shimmy in your chair until the song is over. Unless it’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” or something, it’ll only take a few minutes, and it’ll be fun.
  • Look, Ma, No Chair: Try doing some wall sits to strengthen your quads. Just stand with your back to a wall, then slide down while bending your knees until you’re in a sitting position, with your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this for up to a minute (or as long as you can). For an added challenge, try getting into this position and then crossing one leg over the other. Note: this should not be done in a skirt or dress, lol.
  • Pray Your Way Through the Day: Put your hands together in front of your chest as if you’re praying. Then, push your hands together as hard as you can, so you can feel your arm muscles engage. Hold this position for 20 seconds. It’s a nice static stretch for your forearm muscles.
  • Give Yourself a Handshake: Clasp your hands as if you’re giving yourself a handshake. Now, pull! Hold this stretch for at least 10 seconds. This little tug-of-war will do wonders for your biceps.